October 2016 – Planting Day

On 16th October we had a great planting day at Riverside Park, Ash Island. This was the third Sunday in October and twenty five of our regulars plus a couple of new volunteers joined in planting over 400 native local trees, shrubs, grasses and sedges, focusing on hardy riparian riverbank species at a strip along the north arm of the Hunter River, Ash Island.  Afterwards we had time for a quick tour of the historic plantings over the past decades including a discussion of the river care principles we have demonstrated –off-stream watering and shade to take grazing pressure off riverbanks together with restored native vegetation on riverbanks.  We also identified and discussed the ‘Ash tree’ or Hard Quandong – after which the island was named. Note we meet on the third Sunday of every month for planting – all welcome – however November is second Sunday at Stockton Sandspit for the high tide shorebird viewing, then we break until February 19th.”