Community Gardens

Important message: As of 2018, Conservation Volunteers Australia are helping to keep the Community Gardens running into the future.

Community gardens covering 0.3 hectares were established in 1998 to encourage more visitors to City Farm and to give them a greater awareness and appreciation of the surrounding wetlands.


Built largely by volunteers, the gardens provide a stimulating and safe work environment, where social interaction and friendly, stress free atmosphere are as important as the production of healthy, chemical-free food.


Volunteers play a large role in making things happen on Kooragang City Farm, especially in the Community Gardens.
If you have time, come along. If you wish to volunteer to work at Kooragang City Farm call 4964 9308.

  • Adopt a patch and work at a time that suits you.
  • Come to our planting days on the third Sunday of the month.
2014-12-24 08.35.50

Thanks to Keith, one of our volunteers, for some of the photos from the Community Gardens which were taken in late Winter.