Experience and explore the wide open spaces along 15 km of boardwalks, cycleways and walking tracks. Stop for a picnic or fish by the river. Meander through floodplain forest listening for birds and frogs and spotting spiders and their webs. Family groups, cyclists, fishermen, birdwatchers, walking and other community groups come to get away from the hustle and bustle of life on the other side of Ash Island bridge and to explore the walking tracks and cycleways of City Farm and its surrounding wetlands.

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There are about 5km of dedicated cycleway to explore at Kooragang Wetlands, most of it running alongside the Hunter River, including 1.2 km through Kooragang City Farm. Roads shared with other vehicles link up different parts of our cycleway network, completing about 15km altogether. Word of warning: Vehicular roads Ash Island can be rough at times and are not suitable for thin tyred road bikes. Hybrid and mountain bikes do much better on these roads when conditions are less favourable. For safety reasons bicycles must not ridden on our boardwalks and meandering walking trails. Bring your bicycle and some food and water to enjoy the serenity of a day surrounded by water.